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Hi, I’m April!

Welcome to Resilience Reiki. I’m so glad you’re here!

We all have incredible amounts of resiliency within us. Life, trauma and the impact of societal expectation often toss layers of darkness on us, covering our truest self and the beauty of our resilience. We grow further and further from our truest divine self because of this. I have experienced this first hand due to many adversities in my childhood and early adult life. I was afraid, discouraged, and lost. I found Reiki and it changed my life. My spirit awakened. Through Reiki and spiritual coaching, I have not only begun to heal, but have found the beautiful light of my spirit and am able to embrace my highest self.

How can my story help you?

I have been awakened! I can only begin to explain how empowering this feels and I am determined to share it with you! I love getting to know my highest self and I want to introduce you to your highest self by shedding light on your resilience and guiding you to true spiritual alignment.

Want to know a little more about my wild journey? Read on:

April Jay, founder of Resilience Reiki, is a certified Holy Fire III® Reiki practitioner & spiritual healer with a background in mental health research & counseling. She earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work. 

April recognized the depth of disease from an early age, where she observed the impact that addiction, poverty, and trauma had on families and individuals. The desire to serve others and deliver healing was a path she always felt compelled to follow, so she sought out opportunities to shed light on others’ journey towards a rich life of freedom and wellness from an early age. 

Her experience began in advocacy and volunteerism through organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), and with local homeless shelters and rehabilitation centers in her hometown. When she served children and families, she saw how difficult it was to keep perspective when resources were low and she observed how chronic trauma begins in childhood. While much of her role was spent connecting people to housing resources and healthy nutrition options, April witnessed that real healing came from the experience of being seen and heard. 

In college, as part of an initiative to dispel stigma around mental health, April designed outreach technology for students to easily access mental health resources. She also contributed several years to the study and publication of hospice research. At the University of Wisconsin, she and her team were interested in factors which influence burnout among social workers and caretakers in palliative care settings. Through her research and publications, April learned that systems are not often set up to support and value roles in human service. She began to appreciate the need for trauma-informed practices in behavioral healthcare and was led to serve in areas with the highest need. 

In her senior year, April moved to South Africa where she worked at a children’s home. Here, she led groups and skill building for children, helped them receive adequate medical care, supported them in finding family lines and be placed in forever homes. This chapter unleashed a whole new meaning for gratitude. When she returned to the states, her heart had doubled in size and she was determined to use her voice for those who have been weighed down by adversity. 

April’s professional experience has extended to several positions in mental health, including working in child protection services as an investigator and case manager, working with high need patients in inpatient psychiatric hospital settings, and working as a mental health therapist with children and families. 

April’s collection of hands on experience led her to realize the deeper connections between intergenerational trauma healing and wellness. April gained the perspective that true healing comes from deconditioning our DNA and ancestral wounds on a deeper spiritual level. With this realization, April went on to learn a tool that truly transforms trauma impacts on DNA: Reiki. Through her master certification in Holy Fire III® Reiki, April gained a gift of psychic channeling. Today she has served hundreds of individuals in rewriting their trauma stories, facing their truth and living a life filled with their deepest desires. April is dedicated to ending trauma cycles through energy healing!

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Professional/Educational Background:

Masters in Social Work-University of Wisconsin Madison

Bachelors in Social Work-University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Holy Fire III ® Reiki Master, Teacher: Colleen Benelli

Sound Healing Training Certificate

Interpersonal Neurobiology Healing

5+ years of Mindfulness Practice

5+ years of Cultural Diversity Training

Continued Intuitive Development