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Hi, I’m April!

Welcome to Resilience Reiki. I’m so glad you’re here!

I believe we all have incredible amounts of resiliency within us. Life, trauma and the impact of societal expectation often toss layers of darkness on us, covering our truest self and the beauty of our resilience. We grow further and further from our truest divine self because of this. I have experienced this first hand due to many adversities in my childhood and early adult life. I was afraid, discouraged, and lost. I found Reiki and it changed my life. My spirit awakened. Through Reiki and spiritual coaching, I have not only begun to heal, but have found the beautiful light of my spirit and am able to embrace my highest self.

How can my story help you? I have been awakened! I can only begin to explain how empowering this feels and I am determined to share it with you! I love getting to know my highest self and I want to introduce you to your highest self by shedding light on your resilience and guiding you to true spiritual alignment.

With a background in social work and mental health, I deeply value human connection, growth and healing. However, I know healing comes from within which is why Reiki and Spiritual Coaching are very effective in helping empower others. I want to share this journey with you. Let's reveal your resilience. Let's reveal your light. Once you begin the work of spiritual healing/alignment, your light will shine and nobody can take that away from you!

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Professional/Educational Background:

Masters in Social Work-University of Wisconsin Madison

Bachelors in Social Work-University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Holy Fire Reiki Master, Teacher: Colleen Benelli

Sound Healing Training Certificate

Interpersonal Neurobiology Healing

5+ years of Mindfulness Practice

5+ years of Cultural Diversity Training

Continued Intuitive Development