April Jay

Spiritual Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher 

For anyone considering it...I’ve got a pretty science-based practical mindset. I gave April a try because I love her energy and wanted more of it around me. To say I was blown away, is an understatement. April gave me messages about my life and my past that were so spot on and helpful. I decided to go to her instead of a therapist to process some childhood trauma because I wanted to be enveloped in her love while delving into something so so hard. If you’ve considered reiki, go see April. If you are curious about what it is, go see April. If you know and love reiki, go see April. She’s amazing.

Heal | Inspire | Grow


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Who I am…

A healer, an intuitive, here to help you navigate all that life throws your way.


Who you are…

A doer, a dreamer, an individual. Someone motivated by their passions and longing to heal.



I think we can do amazing work together.

Take a look around. If you want to connect, email april@resiliencereiki.com or give me a call (715-215-2805).