Return to Resilience: A Guided Journey to Living in Your Light!

This in-person, 5 part series is specifically designed for you if: 

  • you feel yourself reverting back to old patterns that no longer serve you

  • you feel you have a purpose you aren’t fulfilling and want to identify it

  • you have been on a healing journey for awhile now and feel stuck 

  • you are new to your healing journey and have no idea where to start! 

I’ve noticed many of my clients, family, and friends reverting back to trauma patterns that have been passed on from generation to generation. This pattern is holding them back from living truly fulfilled lives. I am here to guide you from reverting back to these patterns and return to resilience! 

What: In response to the patterns I’ve witnessed over the past 10 years working in holistic healthcare, I have created Return to Resilience: A Guided Journey to Living in Your Light. This is a 5 part journey to return to your most authentic, beautiful light: 


Your investment gets you:

  • Four 90 minute Sacred Soul Sessions. Sessions are available in person or by video (includes Reiki, guided meditation, crystal healing, aromatherapy, psychic channeling. chakra reset, spiritual guidance and coaching)

  • 1 in person Sacred Soul Group Ceremony (Guided meditation, group coaching, group Reiki)

  • A Higher Self Professional Photography Session (See details below!)

  • Weekly Homework assignments to keep you accountable and on track

  • 1 Self Care Kit

  • 1 30-minute check in call 4 weeks after completing your journey

  • Unlimited email correspondence during your time on the journey

  • Being held in Reiki prayer 24 hours before each session

Your Higher Self Photography Session

Sierra is a photographer and retoucher that empowers women through high quality photography. She believes that every woman is beautiful and deserves to see themselves that way. Radical self love being the center of this work, Sierra is fighting the unrealistic standards in media today by celebrating women exactly as they are.

Your Higher Self session is done with the mindful intention to help you find self abundance. Through unique and bold photos you are given a photographic mirror that perfectly exudes your deepest essence.

This session includes:

Partial Hair and Makeup Services


Professional Photography Session 

Photo Retouching 

3-5 photos

image3 (1).jpeg

Why: You deserve to return to your resilient self full of abundance, inner peace and wisdom.  You deserve to find your true purpose and live in it! Most of the time, our resistance to transformation is subconscious and comes from blocks in our deepest DNA! This journey reconditions DNA and heavy layers through four one on one sessions, a group healing session to connect with other badass individuals conquering their blocks, and transformative homework to support you in this shift. 


Up until this point, your journey has likely lacked consistency and full mind, body, spirit integration. I have designed this journey to specifically combat blocks other modalities are missing. I am here to guide you in radiantly returning to your resilience, mind, body and spirit!


How: In this journey, we will shed your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that are keeping you in the resistance phase of life, and move into a place of the truest resilient you!  This unique series uses Reiki, guided meditation, trauma informed counseling, psychic mediumship, chakra balance, and heart centered coaching to release you from any blocks from this life, your ancestor’s lives and beyond to move you in alignment with your best self.  We will start our journey from before your birth and work all the way up to where you are now to move you forward! 

We need more than one session to do this work. In order to release energy that has been stored in the body, mind and spirit for lifetimes, we need to journey inward consistently.   When we repeat negative beliefs and thought patterns, we start to see it manifest in the form of physical pain, relationship problems, and mental/emotional difficulties. The same is true with repeating positive, healthy behaviors! We need consistency, accountability and community. 

I have your back on all of this. My commitment is to guide you in this journey to work through the layered patterns that are holding you back!  By investing in multiple sessions, you are giving yourself the opportunity to begin a transformational journey of healing that will bring you closer to living in divine alignment with your true self under all the pain and patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up? Hit the button below! From there you will be directed to schedule all four of your individual sessions. I will then send you an email and you will get the rest of the juicy details!

Do I have to sign up by a certain time? Yes, because this is an intentional journey,   I am offering it to a limited amount of participants. We will be going through the journey at a similar pace and meeting for a sacred healing ceremony as a group at the end. The deadline to sign up for the first sound of Return to Resilience is September 9th! Don’t worry if you miss this date, I will offer another round starting in November! 

Is it required to participate in person? No! I offer video or phone sessions for those of you not in the Portland area or simply wanting distance sessions! The group will be in person but I will record this for you as well.

What if I’ve never had Reiki before? It’s okay if you are new to Reiki! I offer a free 15 minute consult to explain the incredible benefits of Reiki energy healing. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing tool. If you are new to this modality or healing in general, feel free to book a free consult with me and we will chat about what to expect!

Your Investment Opportunities:

30 Minute Consultation-Free

Return to Resilience Guided Journey: $977

90 Minute Sacred Soul Session: $200

Package of Three 90 Minute Sessions: $570

Other services:

Couple’s Sacred Soul Session: $333

Sacred Space Energy Cleansing $333

*Sliding scale available on individual sessions for those experiencing financial constraint, contact me directly

April emanates warmth and compassion. She is also open and is willing to share parts of her journey which makes her more relatable! She is eager and curious and is always willing to learn more, challenging herself and her ideas. Because of this, it was easy for me to do the same! For every session, April made sure I felt safe and comfortable with everything.
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