Lately I’ve feeling super blah. Unmotivated. Unloved. Unnecessary. I had curled up further and further into my shell, my man cave, and didn’t feel like doing much of anything outside of work.

Then I had a long Reiki session today with Resilience Reiki (April Jay), and she gently and oh so powerfully knocked those silly ideas out of my head. Not only did I leave feeling six feet tall, I was smiling as I drove back to my neighborhood.

There’s a lot to unravel from what spirit and our guides said during the session, and I’ll be unwinding that tapestry for weeks.

Within two hours of leaving April, I signed up for a nine week Tae Kwon Do class, upgraded my stale gym membership and spent an hour at the gym.


-Scott, Portland, OR.

April is an amazing light, a great listener and creates a safe and open environment. She is explains her process and discusses any expectations for the session. I felt very safe and relaxed during the session. April had some interesting revelations from the session. All in all a wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend April to anyone looking for an amazing Reiki practitioner

-Kristin, Portland, OR

April has been an immense help in aiding me in my healing. I came to her looking for an extra push in self healing, as I was struggling to get the initial ball rolling. April did a good job of making sure I was familiar with reiki, & explaining how distance reiki works. Being able to have a distance session, from the comfort of my (busy) home was great! Again, April explained the process and what was to happen from both ends. After the session, she went through everything she experienced with me, and yet again, explained everything so well! Everything she read off of me resonated very deep for myself & was pretty on the money. I had some immediate results, and some that took a while to develope.
Overall, I would highly recommend reiki & April's practice to anyone seeking healing of any kind. She has a sincere soul, kind practice, & a personality that makes you feel at ease.

-Amanda, Adams, WI.